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22nd October 2012

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Anything Romantic Ben?

I have a date on Friday, with a polish lass called Asia. We’re going into town and have a coffee or something. I don’t know how it’s going to be. I dont yet fully understand or comprehend how good her english is. BUt she does speak and text English, pretty well. All i can guarantee is - she is gorgeous. Not in the slutty way - big ass/boobs. I’m bored of girls like that, in about 7 months ive been with 10? girls who were all slutty and actually quite mediocre at sex apart from 1 - she was tooo wild. So I’m expanding my horizons, going for the sweet and innocent ANDDD shes blonde too, I don’t normally fancy blonde girls usually brunettes with big eyes. As far as I know it’s not going to be serious but we’ve not really spoken that much - which is why im taking things slow, like a gentleman I am. I’ve also learnt basic Polsku (Polish), and looked into Poland, turns out they’re very Catholic - so I’m not expecting anything exciting. Which is exactly what I’m looking for atm = A sweet girl, my age, not plastic or fake, down to earth, gorgeous and cheeky. If the moment comes - if it does, my line will be - How good are Polish girls at kissing? 

(Moment is first kiss btw - I don’t expect this moment on our first date!) 

As they say, it’s always the innocent ones - time to put that to the test me thinks - any advice much appreciated - Ben

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14th August 2012

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If one could handle thou’s banter, one would be rolling on the floor laughing 

If one could handle thou’s banter, one would be rolling on the floor laughing 

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9th July 2012


It’s a little irritating when you see peoples statuses on fb and they have no idea how to spell - this is what I saw today “U no haw to måle me hate u!!!!” <- wtf is that?? It’s; You know how to make me hate you - you speak English, you are English, fucking learn how to spell in English!! Is it surprising to learn that, the person is a teenage mum? I’ve just been watching Disney’s Tarzan and he spoke better English! I’m not contradicting myself because I’m not saying everyone should learn the whole English Dictionary but when someone can’t spell how, alarm bells ring for their child - I don’t think anyone has the right to say if others should or shouldn’t have a child but I can sure as hell hope some people never have children - I’m definitely not saying higher educated people are any better, in most cases they are even stupider - just look at what’s happening to our banks!! 

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